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Video Library

  • The Designers Play with Piles of Fabric

    On the Boards

    Watch this playful video made by the Eberlein design team showing all the fabrics we consider together at the beginning of the project. View Video >

    01 April 2016

  • Seeking Solutions with Suzanne

    Decorating Outdoor Spaces

    Watch the video of Barbara Eberlein sitting down with Suzanne Roberts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of decorating outdoors. View Video >

    04 April 2014

  • Seeking Solutions with Suzanne

    Decorating with Accessories

    Watch Suzanne Roberts and Barbara Eberlein discuss Barbara's love of collecting beautiful objects and her methods for displaying them. View Video >

    17 March 2014

  • Institute of Classical Architecture & Ar

    Education Video

    Listen for President Emeritus Barbara Eberlein's cameo in this video produced by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. View Video >

    25 November 2013

  • Beauty Through the Ages:

    From Cave to Castle, The History of Interior Design 2000 BC - 2000 AD

    Barbara Eberlein lecture at the Penn Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology. View Video >

    13 February 2012