August 2022 - Eberlein Design Consultants

Genoa, or in Italian, Genova, is an Italian seaport that boasts a wealth of Unesco World Heritage sites. Filled with palazzos, noble homes, and grand boulevards, the city is teaming with architectural treasures. Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, and Rococo architecture are plentiful and magnify the former prestige and influence of the city during Genoa’s golden age of trade.

Known as the Cocteau chapel, Chapelle Saint-Pierre is a Romanesque-style chapel dedicated to the patron saint of fishermen, Saint Peter. Located in Villefranche-sur-Mer in the French Riviera, the chapel was the perfect place for the vow renewal of old friends of Barbara’s who lived in the town and were married twenty-two years ago in Barbara’s living room! Founded in 1295 and renovated in the 1950s with the addition of stunning murals that manifested the artistic and divine vision of Jean Cocteau, the chapel boasts serene hues of pale pink, white, and blue that highlight the space with both gravitas and grace.

Located in southern Italy, Naples is one of the most ancient cities in Europe and was a major cultural center in the Roman Republic. With a strong architectural heritage still expressed in the urban fabric of the city today, Naples boasts a wealth of historic buildings, parks, and a city center that represent all the relevant periods of the history of Naples. Much of this history and art is documented and preserved in the city’s numerous museums, including the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli and the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte. Naples also boasts a thriving contemporary art scene, making the museum experience truly a revelation.

Venice, the “City of Canals” is arguably one of Italy’s most unique and picturesque cities with its stunning architecture, beautiful bridges, and of course, winding canals. The Art Biennale (La Biennale d’Arte di Venezia), is held biannually in Venice and is one of the largest and most important contemporary visual art exhibitions in the world.

Whether it is enjoying the ballet, perusing art galleries, or the halls of some of our favorite cultural institutions, experiencing local arts and culture is the perfect way to illuminate our inner creativity.

Using the power of art in their vibrant multiuse space designed by Eberlein Design, the Dina Wind Art Foundation supports living artists and shares the rich story of artist Dina Wind, ensuring her legacy and promoting her art to empower artists and transform lives. We are proud to support this local organization that celebrates differences, offers exposure to innovation, and supports relevant, inspiring initiatives to build a community of independent-minded creators.

Eberlein Design employee, Lindsay Bedford, is also a Mural Arts Philadelphia Black Artist Fellow. In April, she completed not one, but two public art projects, including the installation of a temporary vinyl mural at the Percy Street Project located in South Philadelphia, and, an installation used in the Philadelphia Ballet’s free, interactive multimedia performance, Behind the Stage Door throughout the city of Philadelphia.

Photos Courtesy of Steve Weinik and Kuo-Pin “George” Lin

Chihuly Garden and Glass offers a look at the inspiration and influences that inform the career of artist Dale Chihuly, with an exhibition that includes eight galleries, a centerpiece glasshouse, and a lush garden. A truly magnificent feast for the eyes!

In March, Barbara traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia for a weekend retreat at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The weekend was filled with exclusive experiences, lively conversations from luminary essayists and personalities in the design world, and elevated cuisine.