Sophisticated Stone Manor

Merion Station

It was time for a big decision: with all their children off to college, our clients had a choice between relocating to the city or reimagining their beloved suburban house as an oasis just for them. Feeling free to indulge in more delicate fabrics, glassy surfaces and sophisticated color palettes, this stately stone home is beginning to take on an air of playful chic. The living room enjoys fresh, exuberant color while the home office will fully embrace the outdoors focused on a tranquil, multi-tiered Japanese garden. Sumptuous, saturated color defines the dramatic staircase and the dining room beyond will express the luminous metallic glow of the 19th century Japanese screen.


For this busy, cuisine-focused couple, a sophisticated state-of-the-art kitchen, pantry, breakfast room and family room will provide a new way of living and entertaining within the original footprint.

Accessible storage, visual continuity and shimmering materials were primary goals, and each is being addressed here to create a soft, elegant, multi-faceted room with fully realized aesthetics.