Approach - Eberlein Design Consultants

Our Approach

We balance thoughtful planning with a playful, open-minded approach to create the diverse body of work we are known for. We value idiosyncrasies, from the unique characteristics of a space to the stories our clients share. The magic lies in elevating the synergy between the architecture and design and is the most exhilarating aspect of our work.

Creative Partnerships

The strength of every project lies in the open communication we share with our clients as full creative partners. We create a world together and when the project is completed, our clients see the authentic spirit of their lives reflected in thoughtful and multi-layered interiors.

Researching materials to establish the perfect mood and character.

A Team of Makers

We value the skills and talents of each member of a project team, from architects to builders to artisans. We collaborate every step of the way with the goal of creating a unified aesthetic impact and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Working with master craftsmen to bring our unique designs to life for every project.

From the Initial Inspiration
to the Final Touch

Long before the last finishing touches are added, we are deeply involved in every step of the design process. Beginning with comprehensive concept generation, we guide our clients through design development and construction management and then curate sophisticated collections of art and antiques to amplify their aesthetic experience.

Life With Art And Antiques

Location, location, location. Whether our project is in Montana, California or New York, we engage the talents of craftsmen and resources around the world.

We believe life is elevated by beauty. We offer a comprehensive expertise in the history of decorative arts and guide our clients through the often-complicated acquisition process, helping make informed choices that will bring pleasure for generations to come.

To be surrounded by art and antiques is a great joy, and we feel privileged to build “living” collections that explore our clients’ passions and express their interests in a meaningful way.

Here’s to Creating