dyadcom, Author at Eberlein Design Consultants

Art Basel Miami Beach is always an eye opener, peaking your curiosities and discovering new directions of art and design. It was also a great opportunity to engage with the design community at the Palladio Awards ceremony for which Barbara served as a juror. How wonderful to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of our fellow designers, architects, landscape architects, and craftsmen.

In November, Barbara traveled with the Leaders of Design Council to Monte Carlo for a multifaceted program and inspiring experience in a place of renowned beauty. After years of limited travel, it was a joy to connect with peers for professional development within the design community.

Marrakesh is a designer’s dream! This immersive trip to Morocco with the Institute of Classical Art & Architecture and Mitchell Owens of Architectural Digest was filled with unbelievable surprises around every corner. From the tidal wave of color, to the  celebration of decorative arts, and the aroma of exotic fruit and flowers, the entire experience was transformative. A feast for the senses, the experience was refreshing, energizing and restorative.

Celebrating years of  creative collaboration with wonderful clients, the EDC team completed an exquisite client project in Big Sky, Montana this summer. The stunning 18,000 square foot home demanded an approach that complemented the magnificent setting. Hand cleft stone and roughhewn timber architecture inspired us to define the sensibility of the bold, modern interiors with a rustic elegance.