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Panoramic Penthouse

Center City West

What was once an entire floor of commercial office building near Rittenhouse Square has been transformed into a thoughtfully designed and vibrant penthouse for a young gentleman embracing his next chapter in life. For one who enjoys entertaining, this panoramic space with four balconies offers endless opportunities. 

The client, an avid Philadelphia sports fan and a collector of historical prints, desired an elegant, yet masculine redesign expressed youth and vitality and also to welcome further growth and further needs. 

The sweeping views of the Philadelphia skyline from river to river visually expresses the architectural history of the city from the 17th century to the bustling energy of the city today. To celebrate this key feature, we created architectural punctuation that produces dynamic rhythm and clearer orientation throughout the space


By absorbing awkward architectural anomalies into custom millwork, a new sense of alignment is created, highlighting strong focal points and openness, as well as character and coherence.